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I work as an interpreter and translator between Spanish, Norwegian and English. Please see here for more information. My French, German, Quichua and Norwegian sign language skills are basic; see below for more Quichua…


WEX is my own experimental multi-language lookup solution. Basically made to create a Quechua (Ecuador) dictionary and language tools.


Quichua is a dialect of the ancient inca language, spoken in and around the Andes.
From version 3.2 of, Quechua (Ecuador) is available as a language, and you can get spell checking here. You can get a blank quichua document template here.

Open Source HardWare

Would you accept a car whose hood was welded shut, so that the engine could only be modified by the manufacturers?
OSHW is about sharing your electronics designs.

Just like software, hardware can also be free.

You wonder how you can make money from that. Well, just looking at the design won't do anything to your income. But you're free to use any OSHW design in your own products. You don't even have to ask for permission. Is it commonplace? Yes, the vast majority of consumer electronics is based on so-called "reference designs", usually supplied by component manufacturers like AMD, Texas Instruments, Maxim and so on. But they only supply the design, not the physical layout.

With OSHW, things are different. You can share any design, schematic and/or physical. Just like open source software - just use it. Even for commercial products.

wtlib / wtread:

Wtlib 2011 favicon

The Windows-only programs Watchtower Library and Watchtower Reader (so far only published in 2006) are powerful study tools. Now, us linux-users also want to use it. For the moment, it works very well in most linux distros through the WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator). Typically you would write something like apt-get install wine to install it.

An impoved, light-, non-installable and online multilanguage-version of the program (though including only post-1999 literature) is available on

Watchtower Library 2012 on linux
wtlib-icons (GPL assuming fair use upstream)

Most of the below is now outdated since wine implements the functionality:
wtlib-friendly fonts for linux
wtlib-scripts for linux


Dvorak is (among other things) a keyboard setup to ease and speed typing on a computer keyboard.

Prøv Norsk Dvorak!
My custom dvorak keyboard that eases writing Norwegian, Spanish, French, *NIX ...

Contact/social media

I don't think it should be too difficult to figure out how to get in touch if you want that. I'm involved in quite a lot of open source projects.
This means I'm primarily interested in coding. The right to publicize information on my person though, I reserve for myself.
I hereby state that no one are allowed to submit photographs, video, audio nor any other identifying material on my person to any website without my express permission. At the same time, website owners are asked to remove all such information, including from backups. "My person" includes my wife. - External links open in new window/tab.

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